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Sunmax Collagen Implant, as a subcutaneous filler, can smooth away wrinkles and improve facial contours by filling it. Meanwhile, it urges autologous collagen to build and repair itself. Thus, the collagen structure at dermis layer of skin can be bettered continuously and the skin full of elasticity and gloss is no longer a dream.

Rejuvenation Principle:

Build a three-dimensional space; remove facial wrinkles; provide clinging room for cells; stimulate proliferation of new collagen.

It can be dissolved naturally by enzyme like its own collagen, can better the circulation of repair and proliferation at dermis layer, and finally succeeded in improving your skin.


Facial wrinkles removal: such as forehead wrinkles, frown lines, tear grooves, temple wrinkles, nasolabial folds (naso-labial groove), Apple lines (Apple muscle), lip wrinkles, neck lines and so on.

Facial reshaping: nose augmentation and nasal reshaping, chin augmentation, lip augmentation, ear lobe augmentation, temporal augmentation, temples augmentation and others.

Depression filling: acne scars, depressions caused by facial surgery, etc. Implanted collagen can stimulate the regeneration of its own collagen in the body, retard the aging process and keep your skin young and mellow.

Authoritative Certification:

The only collagen injection approved by China SFDA (State Food and Drug Administration).

Acquiring EU CE Certification awarded by CEO of EU DNV in person.

Gaining the Marketing Grant of Health Department of Taiwan.

Passing International ISO Certification.

Advantages of Sunmax ⅠCollagen:


◎ Under strict management, SunmaxⅠCollagen has become the only vaccine-free biopharmaceutical company and completely refuses drug residues. Over 10,000 cases of clinical tests prove that there is no need to worry about allergenic problems;

Purely Natural

◎ TThe components of SunmaxⅠCollagen are from pure and unpolluted natural biological protein of SPF (Specific Pathogeny Free);

Completely degradable and absorbable

◎ It can be degraded around a period of 12 months by applying fiber induction technology, and then be naturally and completely absorbed by skin tissues.

Repairable and Reproducible

◎ Multiple injections of collagen can stimulate fibroblast cells producing new collagen to form new tissues and result in the functions of repair and regeneration.


◎ Sunmax ⅠCollagen uses the most advanced technology of collagen fibers induction. High-strengthened helical collagen can maintain for 12 months or so.

◎ The period of treatment is very short.It needs only 20-40 minutes to take effect.)