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BOTOX, the so-called ROU MEISU, is widely used in making face thinner and lifted.
The materials used are biological active species. Usually once BOTOX is injected around wrinkles, superficial muscle tension will be eased and muscular vitality will be weakened. Thus your face will look creamy and glossy and you will be younger and more beautiful.

What kind of wrinkles can be treated with BOTOX?

BOTOX is mainly used to treat facial dynamic and superficial wrinkles, including glabellum wrinkles, temporal wrinkles, wrinkles on forehead and chin, laughing lines and frowning lines.

Biological facial lifting principles of BOTOX:

By blocking the nerve impulses between nerves and muscles, BOTOX can moderately restrain the nerves which will make muscles contract. Thus, BOTOX can weaken muscle strength and remove wrinkles.

BOTOX biological characteristics of wrinkles removing:

◎ The effect is rapid and effective; you will feel the effect upon being injected.

◎ The operation is simple and has no recovery phase. The injection can be completed within 10 minutes and you can go home and work just after the injection.

◎ There is no need to do surgery, since it is noninvasive, painless and side effects-free.

◎ BOTOX has obtained safety certificate from FDA (Food and Drug Administration), National Health Ministry. Thus it is safe and reliable.

◎ The panel of plastic surgery experts in Mylike (Ningbo) Plastic & Aesthetic Hospital will give you diagnoses personally, so the operation effect can be guaranteed.

◎ The effect will last for three to six months. If you want it to be long-term effective, you should have injections two to three times a year. If you already have injections for several times, you can gradually extend the injection intervals.