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Teeth is an aesthetic art exhibition, from 2D setup to 3D positioning, then to 4D correction with time & space taken into account. The artistic beauty of teeth is all reflected in the AIST 4D aesthetics orthodontic technology which in turn brings itself with much better orthodontic skills. AIST dentistry, as a fashionable lifestyle for high-quality life and with international tooth technical background, insists that orthodontics treatment must follow the scientific orthodontics approach and the principles of fitness first, which meanwhile should be closely integrated with facial aesthetics. AIST 4D Aesthetic orthodontics is a perfect combination of teeth correction and facial shaping.

4 major correction technologies of 4D Aesthetic orthodontics

Digital Invisible Braces Correction The choice of exquisiteness

With the guarantee of Invisalign and Angel Align invisible brace matched with 3D digital technology and the newest orthodontic technology, and a series of non-fixed transparent appliances tailored for you, invisibility, comfort and convenience is available.

Self-locking Ceramic Brackets Correction The choice of comfort

AIST dentistry has brought in 3M Self-locking Ceramic Brackets Correction technology. Thanks to its unique self-locking technique, the bracket could effectively reduce friction and offer greater comfort without further consultation.

Ormco Crystal Brackets Correction The choice of fashion

Crystal bracket is a priceless treasure in reaching aesthetic orthodontics effect. The transparent single crystal sapphire material when pasted to the teeth is hard to be noticed. Thus the whole process of dental correction can be accomplished smoothly. The bracket is small in size, light in weight, easy to be removed, firm, smooth and comfortable, whose advantages secure the fast and accurate bracket positioning.

Ceramic Brackets Correction The choice of popularity

Ceramic brackets once pasted to teeth are difficult to be distinguished from teeth because of the high invisibility, which also solves the disadvantage of ceramic brackets that used to be an ugly bulge. Besides, the ultra-smooth and delicate ceramic surface, slight paraesthesia and the smaller friction could shorten the treatment period effectively. Thus, Ceramic Brackets Correction is very popular among students due to its high capability/price ratio.

Advantages of AIST 4D Aesthetic orthodontics

High-quality materials

AIST Dentistry introduces 3M self-locking bracket system, Angel Align Invisible Braces, .etc. The appliance are made and designed in North America, will not harm oral health and cause no bad breath with its high-quality materials. It will provide higher accuracy and make your teeth correction journey more comfortable.

High-quality materials

AIST Dentistry relies on American 3M self-locking bracket system and employs Angel Align Invisible Braces, etc. The high-quality materials made and designed in North America do no harm to the mouth and produce no unpleasant smell. Its high accuracy can make your teeth correction journey more comfortable.

Strict Control on Tooth Extraction

We try to broaden space through teeth classification, to avoid unnecessary tooth extraction by using arch expansion equipment and grinding teeth precisely and harmlessly. We do our best to cut down tooth extraction rate.

Shorter Treatment Period

No-brackets invisible brace can shorten treatment period. With advanced computer scanning, intelligent control over the movement of each tooth, precise prediction of the position after orthodontics and computer animation simulation of tooth correction, you can see the correction effect and know the exact correction time in advance. It lessens consultation times and shortens 1/3 of the orthodontic time compared to the traditional way.

Taking Face Design into Account

AIST Dentistry is the perfect combination of oral aesthetics, medicine and mechanics. During the process of the occlusal reconstruction, it closely supervises periodontal health in order to achieve stable correction effects.

Suitable for

Bucktooth | Class Ⅲ,mesioclusion | Gap Between Teeth| Crooked Teeth| Crowded teeth | Open Bite | bimaxillary protrusion | Deep Overbite