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Aist introduces the fourth generation of resonance liposuction which is popular in Germany.
Guided by the advanced concept of fat-dissolving and superb liposuction technique, it can measure fat thickness before and after operation accurately only by making a minimal cut about the same size as a ball pen refill, leaving no surgical scars. It has been the most secure and efficient liposuction in the world so far.

Let us lose weight for the last time

360°resonance liposuction can extract dissolved fat cells out of the body while dissolving fat, greatly shortening the surgical time to about 30 minutes. Resonant waves only destroy fat cells selectively and have immediate effect on waist, buttock, abdomen, legs and back, etc.

Not only can it help lose weight, but more importantly, give an overall improvement and reshaping of your body; one treatment will bring you lifelong beauty without recurrence or disrupting your endocrine balance, so it is the best choice for beauties wanting to keep a slim figure.

Liposuction and body shaping can be achieved at one stroke

Other than being slim, having S-curves is also what we pursue. Make accurate preoperative measurement of the amount of fat, locate liposuction place and decide on liposuction amount according to the golden proportion of 3:2:3. Shaping with great care grants you a graceful curvy figure.

Liposuction does no harm to your body

Intelligent resonance probe has a recognition function which can extract fat wherever it points to but without hurting to blood vessels and nerves.

Deep liposuction makes your body thin and your skin tender

It only affects fat in deep layers, rather than absorbs metabolic fat in surface layers. After surgery, the skin remains tight and smooth with unabated elasticity.

No rebounding after liposuction

Resonance liposuction can reduce the absolute number of fat cells effectively, recombine fat cells and restrain the increase of fat cells, which greatly inhibits fat from rebounding.

Suitable for

Those with systemic or local subcutaneous increase or accumulation of fat caused by genes, incretion, age, gender and other factors;

Those with simple accumulation of local fat, such as the abdomen and buttocks fat accumulation are the best case for the surgery;

Those with systemic obesity which, whether moderate or severe are the best case for the surgery;

Those with lipoma in some parts of the body can have lipoma removed through liposuction.