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Skin is a vital organ for body beauty and hair is an important component of skin. The function of body hair has already changed human civilization and now it is a crucial part exhibiting the beauty of human body. Redundant hair, like untidy clothes, will bring limitless troubles to you. If you remove unnecessary hair away, you are dressing yourself a nice coat.

Hair Removal Methods

At present, there are non-thermodynamic hair removal methods and thermodynamic hair removal methods. Non-thermodynamic hair removal methods include shaving, pulling, beeswax removal and hair removal by depilatory paste or depilatory cream. Thermodynamic hair removal methods include electroacupuncture hair removal, flashlight hair removal and laser hair removal. If you want to have a long-term effect, it is advised to use thermodynamic hair removal methods, especially laser hair removal methods, which is the most advanced method of thermodynamic hair removal methods.

Hair Removal Principles


The freezing-point waltz and permanent hair removal method are studied based on the selective solar-thermal dynamics theory. Through rational adjustment of the wave length, energy and pulse width of the laser, this method can let light energy pass skin surface and reach hair root follicles. Light will be absorbed and be converted into heat which will destroy hair follicle tissues and make them lose regeneration abilities. The unique cryoprotectants used in this method can cool down the skin surface temperature by 5℃. What’s more, this method can also reduce the laser energy in the single radiation therapy area and increase illumination frequency so that the pains can be reduced without any influence on hair removal effects. This method is safe, efficient and permanent because it can reduce pains without any damage to the surrounding tissues.


Freezing point laser hair removal method is used to remove beard or hair on lips, armpits, breasts, and limbs in MYLIKE Plastic & Aesthetic Hospital (in Ningbo).