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According to different causes of stains, Aist, with the aim of creating crystal clear skin, offers each customer a customized skin-beautifying plan featuring precise positioning and layer-by-layer purification.

Laser freckle principle

Aist introduces international advanced equipment and uses comprehensive therapies to treat different stains of different causes and to fight against the formation of melanin cells. With skin being purified layer by layer and damaged muscle cells being repaired and regenerated, Aist can bring you white, clean, smooth and delicate skin.

Locate spot source according to VISIA skin diagnosis

Aist relies on VISIA skin testing equipment to have a three-dimensional examination of outer and inner layers of skin and provide a professional skin-testing report.

Dissolve and control freckles by disintegrating melanin layer by layer

Aist relies on a set of top optical instrument and some techniques like whitening essence importing, micro-needle revitalizing, etc. to disintegrate melanin layer by layer and control the regeneration of freckles, which will have an obvious effect on stubborn freckles.

Import whitening essence to bring pure white to the basal layer of skin

Essence is all extracted from traditional medicine. Essence can go straight to dermis layer of skin to remove freckles and promote melanin metabolization. Skin restoring can take place at the same time when treating is conducted. By fading scars, whitening and rejuvenating skin, white, flawless and glossy skin is not a dream.

Advantages of Aist 6S Skin Freckle Removing Total

◎Multi-tests: Analyze the cause of spots and locate the source of spots accurately by applying Visia testing, slide testing and dermatoscopy.

◎Multi-ways: Remove freckles and rejuvenate skin through whitening essence importing, micro-needle revitalizing, Optical therapy and Multi channel administration.

◎Multi-levels: Decrease pigment by 90% through inside-out treatment of skin in different layers.

◎Multi-modes: Remove freckles in a safer and more effective way by performing several different modes of customized freckles removal.

◎Multi-appliances: Fight off spots precisely by using world-known equipment.

◎Multi-regulations:Implement Stage management, life management, sun protection management, emotion management and tracking management.

Suitable for

freckles, chloasma, age pigment, sunburn, coffee spots, Acne marks, birthmarks,partial pigmentation, unbalanced complexion.