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Love with Beauty,

Work with responsibilities

Aist has made great contributions to the public welfare and rewards society with sponsorship in various fields like medicine,

cosmetic industry and culture etc. Aist always presents itself as enterprising and willing to take on social responsibilities,

thus succeeds in forming a joyful, harmonious and healthy atmosphere.

Aist helped a self-contemptuous "concave face" girl

Liu Fang, aged 26, was born in Yuanjiang, Yiyang city. Liu Fang was diagnosed with gingival carcinoma unexpectedly when she was treating her wisdom tooth in the hospital two years ago. She later had an operation to teat gingival carcinoma. It succeeded in killing all cancer cells by cutting off part of right side gum and six teeth, which cause her right cheek hollowed and made her two cheeks look asymmetric. From then on, Liu Fang did nothing but sit alone in her bedroom. She cut herself off from the society and never went outside, let alone smiled. Hunan City Channel media and her family turned to Aist for help. Aist assumed the responsibility, worked out the plan after consultation of experts and finally succeeded in restoring her face, making her smile again.

Aist “Wing Fund· Love Reading Room” was launched.

In January 2016, the Chairman of Aist Group - Dr. Wan Xiande, the Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of Education and Sports Bureau of Yongshun County, Xiangxi—Mr. Peng Nanhai, and Huaihua Yuanling County Civil Affairs Bureau member Ms. Gong Zongyu, jointly launched the "Love Reading Room" project. It is expected that Aist will make a full investment in building 10 reading rooms every year for primary and middle schools in poor areas of Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and Guangxi provinces since 2016. Guided by “Internet +” thinking, optimizing the reading environment offline and providing a reading platform online, Aist commits herself to helping rural children form the habit of reading, to granting them access to great books, to ensuring them a comparatively fair beginning and to permitting them an opportunity to enhance themselves equally.

Aist helped with the public activity of “Poor Kids Hoping for Spring Festival”

Together with Hunan Satellite TV, Aist organized “Poor Kids Hoping for Spring Festival” in Helong Stadium. “Xin De Le”, a public charity program presented by Hunan TV channel of GBS, means enlightening people’s conscience. From 2012, the program staff went to deep mountains every month, recorded the life of children in need and broadcast it on TV. Besides, Aist arranged one day each month for conducting the “Face to Face Donating” activity. “Poor Kids Hoping for Spring Festival” is a special program presented by “Xin De Le” which was broadcasted at the end of the year. Leaders of Aist, together with doctors, donated to the children, helped them enjoy a happy festival.

United with Changsha Charity Association, Aist organized the activity—“Angles Love Smiling”
to provide free medical treatment to people born with cleft lip and palate.

Together with Changsha Charity Association and the Medical Assistance and Repair Foundation of China Orthopaedics and Beauty Association, Aist started “Aist - Angles Love Smiling”, a free medical treatment to people aged from 3 months to 40 years old from poverty-stricken family who had cleft lip and palate, aiming to help them regain smile after the treatment.

Aist launched the public welfare activity—“Love School Road, Love Rain Boots”.

Together with Urban 105 Changsha News Broadcast and Changsha TV News Channel, Aist launched the public welfare activity—“Love School Road, Love Rain Boots”. Aist set aside a fixed fund for the purchase of rain boots, umbrellas and stationery. In March, also called “Lei Feng Month”—a time calling people to help others, Aist hopes to spread love across Hunan and bathes children in warmth through their charity practices.

Aist arranged a medical team to earthquake-stricken area in Wenchuan.

During Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, a medical team was organized by Professor Wan Xiande in no time and set off for Shifang City in Sichuan along with Hunan Red Cross, affording medical and financial support to the earthquake-stricken city.

Aist helped Wang Fei, nicknamed “Ghost Husband”.

To save his girlfriend Li Qin, Wang Fei stood in front of Li Qin and blocked her from sulphuric acid deliberately poured on her by her ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, Wang Fei was injured seriously with the left eye seeing nothing, the left ear burned down, the left ear hole blocked, the left arm burned to the bone and his breasts damaged severely. He was like a ghost wearing a terrifying mask. What made people moved was that Li Qin still determined to marry Wang Fei who loved her deeply and a superb wedding ceremony was hold in 2006. Deeply touched by their love, Aist called all specialists together to work at restoring Wang Fei’s face. After three terms of operation, Wang Fei basically recovered his facial contour.

A 66-year-old American woman Norma realized her dream--"Youth never gets old" in Aist.

American woman Norma, aged 66, adored Chinese culture and had a strong Chinese complex. She and her friend travelled to Changsha across the Pacific for nothing but in pursuit of immortality. Aist realized her dream by offering her Face-lift operation and made a miracle by making her look 10 years younger as she wished.

Aist helped a teenager girl Xiaohui to fight againt her giant breasts and brighten her youth.

Xiaohui, 12 years old, lived in Fuyun village, Yazigang town, Hanshou County, Changde city. Suffered from macromastia and extreme poverty, she suspended her schooling and stayed at home. Xiaohui’s suffering got reported by the media and immediately raised mass concern worldwide including the concern from the Dean of Aist Medical Cosmetic Center, who offered her free medical treatment throughout.

Aist fulfilled Chen Yu’s dream of transforming from a male to a female--
The first Asian male-to-female transsexual journalist, Chen Yu

Chen Yu (male) had a life-long dream of becoming a woman. When he has grown up, he turned to Aist and underwent over 20 operations including a set of nose & eye surgeries (rima oculi opening, double eyelid surgery, augmentation rhinoplasty and alar narrowing), lip waxing, super rejuvenation, buccal fat pad removal, mandibular angle grinding, cheekbone grinding, chin augmentation, liposuction of arms, thighs, upper and lower abdomen and low back, chest muscle & skin expansion and Implant breast augmentation surgery. Aist fulfilled Chenyu’s miracle dream by applying awesome American technology successfully.