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Amiea half-permanent makeup is a tattoo technique released by Aist laser skin Center, aiming to make makeup natural, true to life and healthy. It can not only make up for your discontent over your image, reduce unnecessary troubles in making up but also lighten irritation brought by cosmetics to skin. It can ensure you a treatment faster, easier, healthier and more fashionable.

Amiea Needle from Germany

Adjustable micro-depth, adjustable frequency: Needles are sterile, disposable, safe and healthy. There are various types of needles which can ensure exact injection and the convenience for adjusting the depth of injection. Each needle has its own independent disinfected package. Once used, it will be discarded. In order to guarantee the cleanness of needles, each needle is equipped with a head frame. Needles’ design features high accuracy, high energy and high frequency, which is the guarantee of steady vibration and quiet operation.

German Med Revive Amiea Digital Matrix Micro Injection Device

Aist introduces German Med Revive Amiea Digital Matrix Micro Injection Device, which is easy to be handled and operated by a small pedal. Automatic safety insurance system ensures you a safe and effective treatment. Its quality is and will be supervised strictly. Thus it can fulfill your requirement for a natural and lasting beautiful state.

54 Amiea Half-permanent Makeup Paints

Amiea Half-permanent Makeup offers you 54 choices of paints, all of which are soft, delicate and free of harmful pigment and extract. It has passed Derma test and obtained FDA certificates. The natural plant pigment provides you with a healthy, delicate and perfect skin.

Advantages of Amiea Half-permanent Makeup

Mini – traumatic, Comfortable

Needles are all one-offs over the entire operation; careful injection in cuticular layer gives you a safe and comfortable journey.

Healthy and Safe

Since the tattoo procedure adopts natural plant pigment with professional certification, there’s no need to worry about the infection in skin by chemicals. The results of treatment are reassuring and long-lasting.

Stylistic and Individual

Clients can choose their favorite design and color according to the popular trend or their own skin and hair color. Clients’ individual requirement can be satisfied as they wish.


Amiea half-permanent makeup technology adopts natural plant pigment. The color will fade in 3-5 years with the metabolism of epidermal cells.

Convenient and Fast

Amiea half-permanent makeup technology adopts micro injection technique, which leaves no wound. You can wash your face four hours after the operation. It brings no trouble to your work and life and is a convenient and fast way to have a tattoo.

Suitable for:

Eyebrow tattoos

Indications: Those whose eyebrows are missing or asymmetrical or break down in some part, who are discontent with their original eyebrows, who want to save time in penciling eyebrows, and who has failed eyebrows in operations.

Lip tattoos

Indications: Those who long for more sexy lips, whose lip line is not clear and whose lips are dull.

Areola tattoos

Indications: Those whose areola is darkened because of age and breast-feeding, and who want their areola more beautiful.

Eye liner tattoos

Indication: Those who want big eyes but are reluctant to have an operation, and who want to save time in penciling eye lines.