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Aist Exquisite Facial Shaping is a completely personalized and precise surgical method.
Aist takes the lead in bringing in international advanced maxillofacial power system, which can precisely measure the morphological parameters of facial bones by X-raying faces in different angles, then figure out the data to be adjusted by simulating postoperative effect, and finally design an exquisite face best for you. Reshaping the face can be accurate to millimeters.
It emphasizes the graceful facial arc. It is pain free through the whole process. It conducts a minimal invasive incision in the mouth without hurting to facial nerves and blood vessels. The swelling will be gone in 3-4 days.

Researched and developed by Aist

Researched and developed by Aist, “Limiting Device and Method for Mandibular Plastic”, facial plastic "Beauty Measurement Instrument" and "Surgical Instruments for Removing Injection Materials for Breast Augmentation" have won national and international patents successively.

Major pectoralis, minor pectoralis, adipose tissue, breast, lactiferous tube, nipple and areola, soft tissue, ribs

Smooth Curves Outlined by the Advanced Instruments


If the mandibular angle can be positioned around 116 degrees, female charm can be fully presented through the facial art.

"Two-plane Osteotomy Arc Technology" can fix the surgical site accurately, cut bones elegantly, and bring you flexibility by avoiding usual post-operative stiffness resulted from right-angle grinding.

Suitable for

◎ People with facial bones unevenly developed, such as those with unevenly developed cheekbones, jaw, lower jaw and so on;

◎ People whose mandibular angle is hypertrophic and valgus, and have an obvious “square face” or “trapezoidal face”;

◎ People whose unilateral or bilateral mandibular angles are protruding or asymmetrical;

◎ People who have discordant ratio of upper to lower facial width and whose distance between two mandibular angles is equal to or longer than the distance between two cheek bones.