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A pair of bright eyes is composed of perfect double-fold eyelids and suitable sizes of internal and external canthus. Through lots of clinical research, Aist experts conclude unique eye shaping technology, which can accurately calculate the height ratio of outer canthus of eyes to the inner, length and width ratio of eye fissure, and the ratio of eyes to nose, etc.
When eyelids are cut open, small eyes will be enlarged based on the best proportion of eyes’ length to width. Canthi will be raised at the same time so that eyes present overall charm by intensive lifting. Attractive eyes refuse dullness but embrace profundity.

New Concept of Overall Design

To make your eyes attractive, in addition to eyelid surgery, there are other supporting surgeries like openingcanthus, removingpouches, raising eyebrows and removing eye wrinkles. Aist experts will provide complete design in light of your personal condition.

Features of Aist Eye Plastic Surgery Ⅰ

Feature 1: Canthus Enlargement

Canthus enlargement is the correction surgery of epicanthus, which conceals inner canthal angle, making it small, and more seriously, blocks part of vision, affecting the beauty of eyes. Aist minimally invasive technique help form a natural canthotomy enlargement.

Note: There are a number of ways to perform canthus-opening surgery; AIST canthus-opening surgery can be performed in different ways according to clinical conditions.

Feature 2: Pouch-removing Surgery

Generally, there are two approaches to remove eye punches: internal approach and the approach of exterior contact.

Internal Approaches of Punch-removing Surgery: applicable to young people and the middles, this is because their skin has good elasticity and does not appear loose. Exterior Contact of Pouch-removing Surgery: suitable for people with loose skin, eliminating the fat while tightening your skin.

Suitable for

Those with two eyes single fold, or one eye single fold and the other one double folds, or those with different width of eyelids on both eyes.

Those with less attractive eyes like reverse-V-shaped eyes, big and small eyes, etc, can have their eyes improved through surgery.

Those who have large pouches of eyes, whose eyes or orbicularis oculi muscles are high in fat, and whose muscles and skin are saggy.

Those whose pouches of eyes.

Those with epicanthus need open his canthi to adjust the ratio of distance between eyes.