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Minimally Invasive Implantation is first to reshape pure titanium metal with high biocompatibility into a root-like cylinder or other forms through delicate designing, then implant the cylinder into edentulous alveolar bone through a minor surgery, and finally make a lifelike brand porcelain tooth on the implant in one to three months. Dental implants are strong and beautiful and have been regarded as the priority for restoring missing teeth in dental field.

AIST Dental Implant System

Noble Implant System (Sweden)

Sweden NobelGuide Implant System is the earliest dental implant system in the world and can date back to 40 years ago. Through years of development, the system has piled up lots of experience, and is known as the pioneer to carry out Immediate Implant. Sweden NobelGuide implant system functions in the way that a surgical template is built based on oral surgery CT tomography data first, then teeth implanting is completed guided by the computer, and finally the crown can be worn immediately after teeth implanting. The procedure assumes no time for the wound to heal up and the patient can restore normal chewing in one hour without any influence on their life and work.

OSSTEM Implant System (South Korea)

OSSTEM implant system is the product of OSSTEM Company after years of research and development. OSSTEM implants have taken up the first market share in Korea for many years. The company is headquartered in South Korea, and has branches in the United States, Japan, Singapore and other 12 countries worldwide. Devoted to the research of Implant System since 1992, OSSTEM Company has gained its position as the world's sixth largest implant manufacturer. Popular among clients for its low price, OSSTEM implants place a greater demand for doctors’ implant skills, only with which the effect and the service time of implants can be guaranteed.

Advantages of AIST Minimally Invasive Dental Implantation

No damage for adjacent teeth: Restoration on the own artificial tooth root without involving and hurting the adjacent teeth

High stability: High osseointergration between the implant and the Alveolar bone leads to strong retention and high stability.

Lifelike Prosthodontics: The tooth crown is made in harmony with the client’s face outline and other teeth’s color and shape in order to achieve the overall balance and aesthetic effect.

Comfort & Convenience: There is no Base & Wire Clasp and no uncomfortable feeling of objects, which is convenient for tooth-cleaning.

Extensive application: Artificial root implantation can restore fixed denture for edentulous patients and patients with partial anodontia in molar area.

Suitable for

Patients who have one single tooth, more than one tooth, all teeth missing, and who have missing teeth for a long time;

Patients who have all teeth at the low jaw missing, who have severe phatnoma-sunken symptom, and who have difficulty in wearing full-dental prosthesis;

Patients who cannot tolerate traditional dentures’ unsteady fixedness and no chewing functions and whose mucosa cannot tolerate traditional dentures;

Patients who cannot wear traditional dentures due to the offending teeth neighboring the missing tooth.