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Contrary to the domestic concept of simply padding nose high, Aist Rhinplasty, keeping pace with the world leading Nasal Augmentation technique, focuses more on preoperative overall design with the aim of maximizing solid and attractive effects of the nose.
Thousands of rhinoplasty cases show that many people have low-bridged noses and that nasal beauty is affected by bridge, nasal columella, nose-wing, nasal tip and nostrils.Only when taking all these parts as a whole to conduct nasal reshaping operation can you gain charming rebirth upon the changing of nasal shape.

Aist rhinoplasty uses high-grade materials


Varicosity is a kind of subcutaneous implant, safe and easy to shape.It feels more real than silicone and has better compatibility with tissues.It has a wide prospect of application.

Injection and Filling

Injection and Filling requires no surgery, no trauma and no recovery rest. You can work and visit your friends as usual after injection.

Autologous Cartilage

It can be permanently integrated with nasal tissues with no rejection and strong anti-infection ability.However, it requires doctors to have excellent surgical skills.

silica gel

It is poison free and has stable tissue compatibility. Its shape is basically molded and can be slightly adjusted according to personal conditions. It has the advantages of implanting and removing easily.

Correction Methods for Various Types of Noses


Suitable for:

Low nose Saddle nose Straight nose Drooping nasal tip Low and flat-nasioned nose Nose with depressions on the bridge Reclining nostrils Nose wide and flat at the bridge