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(Beyond Teeth, a whitening technique from the Unite States, has several advantages of taking only 30 minutes to get rid of black teeth, yellow teeth and pigment teeth, whitening teeth by 5-14 vita levels, and the effect lasting more than 2 years. Known as a relaxing “Noon Break Project”, it receives warm welcome from work-stuffed white-collar workers and beauty-chasing people.)

Six steps for Beyong Teeth Whitening

360°teeth deep cleaning

Get rid of pigment and dental calculus on the surface

VITA colorimetric analysis

Assess the color level and take photoes before teeth whitening treatment

Gingiva protection

Apply gingival protective agent to keep gingivae healthy


Apply teeth whitening agent irradiate with blue light

VITA colorimetric re-analysis

(Assess the color level after VITA Color matching and cleaning; VITA color level advanced)

Whitening Maintenance

(Strengthen regular maintenance; Maintain whitening effect)

Advantages of AIST teeth whitening

Fast and Effective Whitening within 30 minutes

AIST Teeth Whitening works in the way that the small molecules of oxidizing agents go through the enamel and dentin of tooth into all areas of the tooth to discompose and remove pigment, which could greatly raise the degree of whitened teeth. It comes into effect in 15 minutes and ends in 30 minutes.

Comfortable and painless Whitening easily

The AIST dentists will take specific treatment plan. Different thickness and application of whitening agent will be adjusted according to the specific individual tooth conditions. We’ll avoid the gum and tooth damage in the maximum extent, shorten the treatment period to ensure a comfortable and painless process, and provide you with a relaxing whitening experience in AIST.

Fight against Tooth Decay and Strengthen Teeth Make Your Teeth More Healthy

Oxidizing agents whiten teeth; fluorinating agents protect teeth. Fluorinating agents serve to close dentinal tubules, to prevent teeth from unexpected external damage in the treatment, to promote enamel regeneration, to make teeth "firmly rooted" after being whitened, and to protect teeth from caries.

Durable Effect Lasting for 3-5 years

Under the principle of whitening and protecting technology, fluorinating agents prompt the regeneration of enamel with the function of protecting teeth, enable more noticeable whitening effects of oxidizing agents and provide more effective protection to whitened teeth.

Suitable for

Yellow Teeth | Black Teeth | Tobacco Stained Teeth | Dental Fluorosis | Tetracycline Pigmentation Teeth