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What is Artecoll?
Artecoll is a product rejuvenating the skin to the state of youth, and can efficiently solve aging problems caused by various reasons such as facial wrinkles and facial hollows, bringing your face ten years younger or more.

Artecoll function

It is clinically proved that the deeper the wrinkles are, the more obvious the removing effects will be. It can bring your skin a high gloss and long-lasting delicacy. Artecoll can fill and reshape your facial contours, such as outlining chin curve and filling nasolabial groove.

Awards and Certificates


In 2006, it obtained FDA certificate, whose status in the field of medical products is equivalent to “Oscar” in the field of film. (FDA: Food and Drug Administration)

In 1996, it obtained CE certificate. For the following three years, up to 300,000 people, only allowing for people in the EU and Canada, had injections and the effects turned out well.

In 2002, it obtained SFDA Import Registration certificate. (SFDA: China State Food and Drug Administration)

Over 100 papers were published on world-known medical cosmetic magazines and were acknowledged globally by medical authorities.


Removing wrinkles:

◎Forehead stripes, glabellar frown lines (III-shaped lines), temple wrinkles, nasolabial lines, radial striae around lips, cheek wrinkles, dimple lines, neck stripes;

Local Shaping:

◎ Lip augmentation, ear lobe augmentation, nose augmentation, chin augmentation, forehead augmentation, temples, cheek augmentation and nipple filling, philtrum column reshaping;

Making up for deficiencies:

◎ Acne depression scars, sunken eyes, soft tissue defects, bone depression, local repair of non-exquisite cosmetic surgery.

Six Features


◎ Women’s tiny wrinkles can be fully filled through the combination of Artecoll and human collagen. Wrinkles extension and increase can be prohibited by injecting Artecoll.


◎ There’s no need for surgery; you can move freely after injections.


◎ The whole process of injection is relaxing and convenient, only taking 3-5mins.


◎ Permanent wrinkle removal, lip augmentation, facial reshaping once for all.


◎ High security, less than 0.1% of allergic reactions, successful implantation for 300,000 people worldwide.


◎All the micro-spheres, with exact size, can stimulate secreting subcutaneous collagen instead of exogenous collagen, which makes it accessible to form natural and neat appearance with soft tissues and no indurations