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Aist Magiq breast implants feature accurate and natural, boasting high degree of integration of aesthetics and technology.
Before surgery, the size of breast is determined according to measured figures and the golden ratio of your body. In surgery, Yezi expert will make the breast a little concentrated and form a cleavage, while allowing the nipple slightly upturned, shaping a water drop, so that the breast has a vivid beauty of shape. You will have a realistic feeling of breast after surgery. Moreover, you can feel the same softness and feel as the original breast, superbly natural.

Know your breast

The female breast is composed of fat, glandular and fibrous tissues.

In the breasts are blood vessels, lactiferous duct, adipose tissue and sensing nerves; below the breasts is pectoralis major.

Major pectoralis, minor pectoralis, adipose tissue, breast, lactiferous tube, nipple and areola, soft tissue, ribs

DIY to know your breasts shape

According to breast base radius, breast height and mastoptosis degree, the least satisfactory breasts can be divided into six common types.

Which type do your breasts belong to?

Flat-shape upturned shape downward sloping shape oblique shape sagging shape down warping shape

What do beautiful breasts look like?

◎ Full, symmetric, flexible and elastic breasts are considered attractive;

◎ The breasts, located high and between the second and sixth rib with nipples at the fourth rib, are considered attractive;

◎ The breasts with two nipples over 18cm away from each other, breasts basal diameter 10-12cm, and breasts axis 6-7cm (from the base to the nipple) are considered attractive;

◎Tall,straight and hemi-spherically-shaped breasts are beautiful.

For more standards of beautiful breasts, you can communicate with our consultants face to face.

Disadvantages of the Traditional Breast Enlargement Implantation Technology

◎The traditional technology of Breast Enlargement Implantation relies wholly on surgeons’ clinical experience to “estimate” the shape, size and location of breast implants.

◎ It is often difficult to achieve the best surgical effects in the cases of inexperienced surgeons or poorly-conditioned customers.

Precise and Scientific Aist Magic Breast Enlargement Implantation.


Different customers require different shapes and sizes of implants;

Usually customers just need to give their intentional requirement, such as “a little bit larger” or “as large as possible”, then digital breast enlargement implantation makes a comprehensive calculation and decides on the most suitable implant based on the clients’ height, weight and breasts’ shape and the golden proportion of the body.

Accurate Digital Positioning Technology of Invisible Breast Implantation can bridge a satisfactory match among the size, the shape and the place of breasts implants.

Individual Design

Before surgery, the size and texture of breast prosthesis are determined in light of your height, chest width and breast fullness.

Invisible Incision

In surgery, the prosthesis is implanted into a hidden incision which will be sutured with a hair-like thread along the arc of mini-incision within the skin. The surgery can be accurate to millimeters;

No Need of Removing Stitches

Those who are sutured with absorbable threads need not remove stitches. It’s particularly convenient for patients from other places for they will recover within half a month.

Just like the Original

After surgery, your body looks natural and feels perfect; you are conscious of no prosthesis even when wielding tennis rackets.

Suitable for

Those with mastatrophia due to breastfeeding or childbirth;

Those with mammary dysgenesis or a small breast on one side or asymmetric breasts caused by benign breast lesions;

Those with mild sagging breasts due to breastfeeding or the lack of exercise;

Those with thin figure and flat breasts after sudden weight lost;

Female patients who are forced to remove breasts due to illnesses, but have nipples and breast areola left.